What is Litecoin Code?

With the start of the concept of cryptocurrencies more than 1300 different type of altcoins are already in the circulation. As that time goes on it becomes progressively difficult for the common man in way to understand the differences among different cryptocurrencies as 1300 of them have already put in the market. Most of the people are aware of the terms Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. but their knowledge regarding the underlying code is hopelessly zero! There is one such crypto coin which is least underrated by all the parameters applied to judge a cryptocurrency and the name is Litecoin. In the passing few months, cryptocurrency Litecoin has come up and secured its position as one of the prominent cryptocurrencies of the world after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The total market capitalization of Litecoin is touching around dollar 13 million and after this mark; Litecoin has become the 8 biggest digital crypto monies in the world. It is all due to its simple code and different algorithms Scrypt which makes it usable for even smaller machines and no elaborative application specific integrated circuits are required to process the mining of Litecoin. Monetary experts believe that Litecoin cryptocurrency is yet to see its full potential by being substitute for Bitcoin and other such popular and premium cryptocurrencies. The process of making of Litecoin is interesting in itself as it was started as a project to eradicate the errors which were present in the code of Bitcoin. Mr. Charlie Lee is the inventor of Litecoin who was an ex-employee of Google and has also worked with the biggest cryptocurrency exchange of the world that is the Coinbase. With the growing success and the elaborative code of Litecoin it seems that the flight of Litecoin is soon to see greater horizons in the coming future.

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