What is asic Litecoin miner?

The full form of ASIC is Application Specific Integrated Circuit. ASIC is to be customized to be used for deployment in any particular task. If we customize it, so that it may help in the mining of cryptocurrencies then it shall be known as ASIC miner. For a particular cryptocurrency say Litecoin; if ASIC is used for mining, then that ASIC miner shall be known as Litecoin ASIC miner. The advent of application specific integrated circuits was put forward by the successive failures of the CPUs, GPUs and the FPGA. CPUs means Central Processing Unit. GPU is Graphical Processing Unit. FPGA is Field Programmable Gate Array. Earlier when the concept of cryptocurrency was new then less hashing power was required to mine any cryptocurrency. It was due to the fact that very fewer people were into the field of mining cryptocurrency. As the number of people taking interest in mining went up, so were the demand-supply curve in cryptocurrency fell out of equilibrium. Therefore, more hashing is required if there are the number of people trying to mine a particular cryptocurrency. More hashing rates is generated by GPUs. GPUs have specialized provisioning for faster processing of graphics and they seemed to work fine for a while. But as more and more people kept on adding in the process of cryptocurrency mining it was felt that GPUs’ processing power was not sufficient enough. Hence came the Application Specific Integrated Circuits which brought revolution in the domain of cryptocurrency mining. ASIC miners have more hashing power and are more durable and are more energy efficient. However, the hunger of miners seems no stops and number of people are still pouring into the field of cryptocurrency mining. This is caused the invention of more powerful ASIC miners than before.

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