What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Initial Coin Offerings or ICO is a fund raising campaign program conducted by new crypto currency business ventures or organization to collect Crypto currencies. Basically the crypto currency venture business startup companies resort to Initial Coin Offering program to raise funds for their business, overriding or bypassing the rigorous regulations of banks or venture capitalists. This initial coin offering or ICO program is very popular with new crypto currency ventures. 

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is an unregulated fund raising program for crypto currency business ventures. An ICO campaign works by selling a percentage of the Crypto currency to the first come first serve backers of the startup project in return of legal tenders or other crypto currencies, Here Bitcoin proves to be the most popular Crypto currency. Initial Coin Offering is also popularly known as Initial Public Coin Offering or IPCO.

For initiating an Initial Coin Offering campaign, the crypto currency startup venture must prepare a business project report giving every detail of the business on a sheet of white paper. This also gives the details of amount of money to be raised, how long the ICO will run and how much tokens can be kept by the backers for themselves. The initial backers purchase some distributed crypto coins with virtual currency. These crypto coins are known as tokens and are treated as shares of the new crypto currency venture.

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