What Is Ethereum Wallet?

Ethereum is one of those crypto currencies which are the most popular ones. People compare it with the silver of the world of crypto currencies. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin remains the uncrowned gold in the world of crypto currencies. Ethereum is one of those crypto currencies which is having the biggest market capitalization in the world of crypto currencies hence we don't find it to be surprising that a major institutional influx of investors is coming for Ethereum. 

The concept of Ethereum wallet is that it acts as a digital store house of your Ethereum cryptocurrency which you may acquire or earn. It is like a digital equivalent of your fiat currency wallet which you put in your pocket where you store your fiat currency notes of Dollar, Pound, Yen, Yuan, and Rupees etc. In the same way you can store your Ethereum crypto currency in a wallet which is a digital address hosted over a network of third party. We have two kinds of crypto currency wallets one is hardware wallet and other is software wallet. 

Software wallet is a type of coded piece of software which you host over your computer. While a hardware wallet is a type of wallet which is embedded in the circuitry of computing device over which you are operating the process of cryptocurrency mining or trading. These software wallets are also available in the form of mobile applications for smartphones and are hosted over Apple iPhone app Store as well as on Google Android play store. The effective usage of these crypto currency wallets helps you secure your own crypto currency in a better way. 

These are SSL secure which means an additional layer of socket security is added so that a third party intrusion to steal your crypto currency becomes difficult. For people who don't trust third party applications for their secure storage of Ethereum crypto currency may opt in for hardware wallets which can be put to the state of “off” on their requirement.

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