What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that is introduced as ‘joke currency’. Founded on 8th December 2013, this digital currency created its online community and achieved market capitalization of 60 Million US Dollar in January 2014. It is rapidly growing digital currency that has reached a capitalization of 340 Million US Dollar in June 2017.

Dogecoin is built on a decentralized network and completely secure. It helps in making transactions in between two users without any involvement of third party, such as bank, government or any other financial authority. The crypto coin can also be used to purchase goods and service or for trading purpose. Additionally, people can also exchange this cryptocurrency with traditional currencies, such as Euros and US Dollars.

It is used through a wallet on smartphone, website, and computer. The most popular term that is related to Dogecoin is ‘tipping’. You can start with Dogecoin mining through the following steps –

1. Install a Dogecoin Wallet
2. Use Your Dogecoin
3. Stay Updated
4. Get Dogecoin from Best Dogecoin Exchange

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