What is Data Center?

A data center refers to a facility which has many networked computers so that companies can use their space to process and store their data. Businesses have to buy storage equipments for storing large amounts of critical data and applications. However, this is not only costly; companies will also need to train manpower to manage these storage facilities. The data center will serve as the key repository of equipments like servers, networking switches, firewalls and routers; it will provide power supplies, air-conditioning and cooling systems, backup generators for uninterrupted power, security and supports to their clients.

So, a data center can be either a virtual or physical infrastructure which businesses may employ for housing their servers and networking equipments. The data center will also need redundant backup power supplies to operate core business applications. So, data center management will entail ensuring networking reliability. When the data center facilities are shared, businesses should be given virtual access rather than total physical access. These are typically owned and monitored by an organization which leases partitions to other companies. This leasing option is perfect for smaller businesses which can enjoy the advantages of data centers without having to spend a fortune.

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