What is Dash Wallet?

Dash wallet is a piece of software which is used to secure the earned and purchased Dash cryptocurrency. It is protected by a strong password without which nobody can access your account. Also one gets the option of backing up the wallet at various other places to diminish the risk of losing the cryptocurrency; if one has stored it in an unsecured place. There are many versions of dash wallets which are available for various other platforms. The various platform includes smart-mobile phones based OS such as Android, IOS, and Windows mobile OS.  Also, there is one more distinction between Software based wallets as well as hardware-based wallets for Dash cryptocurrency. 

The software-based dash wallets include dash core win64 zip, Jax dash core win64 installer, and Exodus which are available to be downloaded from the website of Dash cryptocurrency.

We also have hardware best security devices which emulate the function of software-based dash wallets. A few of them are Trezor, Ledger Nano S, and keep key hardware wallet. Not just this, we also have paper-based wallets as soft wallets copies which could be made into legal tenders for dash. All of these came with their specific send instructions which could be accessed from the website of dash cryptocurrency which is

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