What is Dash Server?

A Dash server is a computing device which acts as a functional provider for mining the Dash cryptocurrency. In terms of computing terminology: a server is that computer program or Apparatus which is needed to provide the functionality to other software or apparatuses for other apparatus or software which are known as the clients of that server. 

As usual, the computing resources of a server are distributed to the clients via a networking technology such as an Internet or World Wide Web. In the same way, a Dash server functions. It divides its computing power among its clients which are instrumental in the mining of the Dash cryptocurrency. A Dash server is usually a large computing pool which can only be composed of simpler and replaceable components which make up the server. Many types of a server exist which are customized to be used as a functional layer of programming for various applications. Examples include a web server, proxy server, sound server, print server, media server, mail server, cryptocurrency server, Bitcoin server, Dash server, communication server, and application server. Show in effect, a server is to divide its computing resources among its clients so that they may perform their stipulated functions. In the domain of cryptocurrencies mining; Dash server is that cluster of resources made up off simpler computing services which provide the functionality of Dash cryptocurrency mining. The hardware requirement for a server may vary from a nation to nation or from function to function.

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