What is Dash Mining Hardware?

Dash, previously known as DarkCoin, is based on the X11 proof of work algorithm. With its increasing popularity, it is becoming very competitive and requires the best hardware to enable the miners to see some profits. The most significant feature of dash mining is its transaction processing speed. Confirmations are done within a second. It offers confidentiality in transactions hiding the two parties and the value.

Dash mining can still be done with CPU/GPU though with the available technology today, CPU/GPU mining is considered obsolete. Understanding the potentiality of Dash, several new ASIC based hardware has been manufactured which has increased the level of competition. The hardware is expensive but this has not stopped the miners from purchasing it as they find it a worthy investment.

ASIC, which expands to Application Specific Integrated Circuits, are far more powerful and durable than the Graphics Processing Units. ASICs are built to specifically perform only one task- that is to mine digital currencies.

The best ASIC dash mining hardware is the Antminer D3 ASIC manufactured by Bitmain. It offers the best power efficiency and realizes a hash rate of 15GH per second at a power consumption of 1200 watts. It achieves an impressive efficiency of 1.6j/MH which is superior to the 384MH/second hash rate offered by iBeLink DM384M the first ASIC manufactured for dash mining. The best non-ASIC mining hardware for Dash include Sapphire R9 Nano mining, XFX 7990, Club 3D etc.

Miners can also build their own rig which h however, could be time-consuming, and requires the users to have some technical knowledge. The components are available at all the top online stores like Amazon, eBay etc. The hardware specifications include a personal computer with any type of motherboard, a CPU, 4GB RAM, power supply units, graphics cards, cooling components, and a case.

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