What is Dash Coin Block Size?

The block size for the Dash coin currently is 2 megabyte. There has been vehement calls for the increment in the block size of the Dash coin in the nearby past. A similar kind of debate happened within the Bitcoin community and it resulted in the breaking of the Bitcoin into two groups. One of the group which wanted to increment the size of Bitcoin block; came up with the forked out hard version of Bitcoin which eventually came to be known as Bitcoin Cash.

But for the Dash coin case; it was not a divided house. The ideation group for the Dash coin proposed a voting among the people who are holding the stakes of Dash coin; to increment the size of the block which was previously 1 megabyte. An overwhelming majority of 99% of the stakeholders of the Dash coin voted in favor of implementing the block size of the Dash coin to 2 megabytes. 

In current scenario, each and every block of the Dash coin undergoes a certain number of transactions which are less than 10. The size of transactions timestamp is even lesser than a few kilo bytes of data. Therefore, there was not an urgent and immediate need of incrementing the size of the block of the Dash coin cryptocurrency. But the question was, maybe in future the number of transactions and the number of nodes present for the Dash coin crypto currency might increment as the crypto currency gets to see an all-encompassing popularity. So the current decision of incrementing the block size of the Dash coin is done with a vision of the future. As per the market statistics the Dash coin is the 5th largest crypto currency in trading volumes in the world. And by any estimation the popularity of Dash coin is not going to die down in near future; but shall constantly increment.

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