What is Dash Coin Block Reward?

Dash is one of those crypto coins which are there to ensure that one sends and receives payments in an instant. An additional advantage of this currency is not only this currency could be used over online shopping but there exist merchants and vendors which accept Dash crypto currency as the mode of payment. Like any other crypto coin there is providence of an exchange where you can sell, buy, or even trade these Dash crypto coins. If you have a little technical background on formal education in this field you can also invest in the mining process of this digital crypto coin which is achieved by deploying specialized hardware and equipment. Dash crypto currency ensures that one is sufficiently incentivized for finding or discovering the block chain of Dash by proving him the dash coin block reward for his putting into efforts of mining this crypto coin. So when a person during the mining process finds a block chain he is rewarded with a Dash block reward. The process of mining makes sure that the block chain remains fully decentralized and dissipated to ensure swift transactions and fully secure services. This totally anonymous and decentralized process of block chain rewarding is executed because the originator of the Dash crypto currency wanted that the system remains safe from the malicious attacks by the servers whose credentials are typically suspicious. The Dash mining process is implemented by their awesome master node system where the block reward is divided into three of the parts. First part comprises of 45 per cent of the block reward and it goes to the miners. Similarly, the second block division too, which comprises of 45 per cent of the block reward, goes to the master nodes. The rest of the 10% of the block reward goes for funding of this project. In this way the integrity of the Dash system is maintained.

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