What is Dash Coin ATM?

Dash is going to be the first of the crypto currencies to be offering ATM services to the users as well as the customers. Mr. Evan Duffield in an interview to the coin telegraph has revealed about the plans to offer cash ATM in some of the countries which have laid down the legal and legislative framework for the monetary exchanges in this crypto currency. The back end of the ATMs of the Dash shall be based upon the open source software and the development shall rest on the public blockchain technology

However, no specific details about the funding model of the Dash Coin ATM have been revealed till date. This step of opening up ATM services for Dash shall prove as the milestone for other cryptocurrencies too. As it is a common perception among the people that the liquidity of this cryptocurrency phenomenon is very much limited as it is not like the fiat currency which could be exchanged and can change hands at whatever point a person wants. With this small step of the Dash originators a clearway is also paved for other cryptocurrencies to follow. The cryptocurrency model faces a major challenge in the free flow of money by being limited as only being the computer-based currency. With ATMs opening up this problem shall end for once and all. Mr. Evan Duffield gave a PowerPoint presentation in the January of year 2016 in the US city of Miami to espouse upon the relevant underlying technological model of the innovation which shall be known in future as Dash coin ATMs. The deployment of open source software and computing models shall help the Dash investors and originators to keep the back-end cost to the minimum. The lesser price incurred shall ultimately help the Dash originators to keep the pricing of the transactions fee very low which ultimately shall be beneficial for the people at large.

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