What is Dash Blockchain?

The Dash blockchain works on the principle of decentralized monitoring of the transactions. The master node within the blockchain gets one vote to caste. People rose proposals which further become eligible to be funded as per the preceding formula.

(Positive votes) minus (negative votes) is equal to or greater than (total number of Master nodes present in the system) x 0.1

If there exist greater number of proposals which made this criteria; the funding from the budget for that month shall happen and those proposals which are having the highest number of net votes shall be paid.

Dash dot org hosts the community forums for the websites which include Dash central etc. For these websites a proposal submitted is needed to submit manual proposals and various press releases for the best team and community for getting their support beforehand to make a final submission of the project towards a network for a final voting.

If the proposal receives enough votes the proposal is accepted and then put into the blockchain to be executed. In this way the proposal becomes a part of existing blockchain system. Therefore it could be well attested that in this way the system for rapid updating of the blockchain underlines the Dash algorithm.

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