What is Dash?

DASH refers to a digital currency which protects the privacy of transactions. This is also founded upon the Bitcoin software but it boasts of a two-tier networking structure which is an added improvement. Dash will also ensure anonymity of transactions. In the Bitcoin, the transactions get published on the blockchain and it is possible to trace the sender and the recipients. However, with Dash, there is complete anonymity. You cannot trace the amount or transaction destinations. This is very significant because a blockchain can be accessed by anyone having a web connection. So, those who do not wish to reveal their transactions history find the Bitcoin lacking in certain respects. Dash changes this and uses a mixed protocol which uses decentralized networks of servers that are called the Masternodes. You will not need third parties for transactions and there is no threat of compromising system integrity.

You should Dash to keep all your payments private and untraceable. Only you will enjoy access to the financial information. Payments are also obtained instantly because of the InstantX technology. The advanced encryption techniques will make payments completely anonymous and secure. Using Dash, you will be able to send funds anywhere you wish to. It has much lower fees compared to that of banks and credit cards; sometimes it is free. You do not have to trust any authority here because it is completely decentralized. So, everything will remain only between you and your party in any transaction.

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