What is ASIC Dash Miner?

The full form of ASIC is Application Specific Integrated Circuit. This ASIC is customized to be used for specific purpose. In recent times this ASIC miner is used for cryptocurrency mining purposes. Dash being one of the most renowned cryptocurrencies around the world; have received the special attention of the ASIC engineers.

So that particular ASIC device which is used to mine the Dash cryptocurrency is known as ASIC Dash miner. Many a factors are to be taken into account while one picks up any particular ASIC Dash miner to mine the Dash cryptocurrency. The factors include hash rate, efficiency, and the cost. The cost shall be dependent upon the quality of the fabrication chip used to manufacture the ASIC Dash miner. Those ASIC miners which were initially deployed to mine the cryptocurrency used gate technologies for array. A few of the ASIC miners which are currently in heavy use are as follows: 

- CLUB 3DHD7950 (11 Mh/s)
- GIGABYTE R9390 (14 Mh/s)
- SAPPHIRE R9Nano (20 Mh/s)
- XFX7990 (21.8 Mh/s)

The authorized Dash portal recommends the subsequent pool mining suppliers. We have designated some active puddles for you at this time:

- MinerGate.
- Zpool.
- CoinMine.
- Supernova.

The above listed miners are one of the best performing ASIC miners recommended all over the world.

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