What is Cryptocurrency Mining Script?

Cryptocurrency mining script is a feature wherein the website owners can make use of their visitor’s CPU (central processing unit) to mine cryptocurrency. The function was first introduced for mining the Monero digital currency by Coinhive. The users operating the script were rewarded with the digital currency whenever a block is confirmed. This process is more cost-effective than placing banner advertisements on a website.
When a user accesses a website that is running the crypto mining script the mining process starts. By doing so, the need to infect the user’s computer will not be necessary. All that is needed is that the browser must be JavaScript enabled. It is important to note that the user’s computer performance can become slow since crypto mining scripts make use of the visitor’s CPU.
This function has generated a big backlash from the website visitors as several website owners did not keep them informed about their CPU being used for mining the cryptocurrencies. Another issue is that when more websites start using the cryptocurrency mining scripts, it means more load on the user’s CPU and can harm the system. The issue was experienced in several countries including USA, UK, Australia. There are reports from several quarters that the cryptocurrency mining JavaScript were secretly running in the background even after the users closed their web browsers.
There are special crypto mining script blocker applications now available that work like the AdBlock, which can be installed to control this practice being adopted by the crypto mining scripts.

If you find your system not performing in its usual way, check for browser windows in your taskbar. In case you find any browser icon, remove it immediately. This issue is not seen in Bitcoin mining as it requires much higher computation power and is done on special ASIC hardware

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