What is Cryptocurrency Mining Rig?

Cryptocurrency mining can be a profitable venture provided you choose the right hardware. A cryptocurrency mining rig is a system configured on a computer to mine digital currencies. There are readily available pre-built mining rigs that a user could procure and use for mining which will allow the users to start mining right away. The users could also assemble and build their own rig.
Building a cryptocurrency mining rig can be exciting provided one has some technical knowledge as well as the time. The following components are required.

Power supply: Procure an efficient power supply of 1000-watt PSU. This will be useful in the long run as the mining process increases.

Motherboard: Motherboard is the main component of a computer but does not require any special features for mining. There are motherboards being built specifically for mining. It should have at least PCI-E slots to enable that many GPUs to hold.
CPU: There are no definite specifications. Choose one that that is compatible with the motherboards. Mining is done on GPUs.

RAM: A 4 GB RAM would be more than sufficient. It must be a DDR4 desktop memory. A higher capacity RAM will not improve the efficiency or speed of mining. 

Hard Drives: Purchase the Solid State Drive rather than the traditional hard disk drives. SSD, as they are popularly called, can improve the speed. Transactions can be done faster saving you plenty of time. They consume lower power than the HDDs.
USB Riser Cables: It should be 6 as they are ones that connect the graphics card to the motherboard. Space in between help in disseminating the heat that is generated.

Mining Case: The frame must be big enough to hold all the components of the mining rig. You could leave them in the open, buy it online or custom build one on your own. 

You could choose either Windows or Linux operating system.  

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