What is Blockchain?

Bitcoins are online digital payment system working as online financial network. All data recordings of every Bitcoin transaction or transfer from one party to another is recorded in a Bitcoin Block with complete details. When one Bitcoin block becomes full with transaction data, it gives way to the next empty block which is just after it. All such Bitcoin blocks are linked with each other in a chain. The complete blocks go and the fresh empty block comes. This chain of Bitcoin blocks is known as Blockchain.  

In other words, if a Bitcoin Block is a page of an accounts ledger, the Blockchain is the account ledger itself. The Blockchain consists of many blocks in which transactions of Bitcoins are recorded chronologically for public viewing. These recording or entries of Bitcoin transactions in the Blocks in the Blockchain cannot be in any way altered or deleted. All the blocks in the Blockchain hold permanent records of Bitcoin transactions, made in past, being made in present and those, which will be made in future.
Therefore, a Blockchain is a record book that is growing continuously. Every block entry in the Blockchain is secured with cryptography. Blocks carry hash pointers as links to the previous block. Blocks in a Blockchain cannot be separated from each other.

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