What is Bitcoin Wiki?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency which was ideated by Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto. The positive point about the Bitcoin is that it is decartelized as well as decentralized currency which is free from the regulatory control of the governments of the worlds and their monetary control organizations. It works with the principals of blockchain and blocks. 

There is an absence of any centralized server in the Bitcoin. By the underlying algorithms which generate or mines the Bitcoins there is an upper limit which has been placed upon the total number of Bitcoins which could ever me mined. That upper capping cut off limit is 21 million Bitcoins. The short form of Bitcoin is BTC. By this short name, Bitcoin is traded over the world’s cryptocurrencies. The division unit of Bitcoin is called Satoshi. One Bitcoin is equal to 100000000 Satoshi. There has been a big boom in the prices of Bitcoin after the Thanksgiving Day celebrated in the USA and other western nations. Currently, it has crossed the price mark of $ 18000 for each Bitcoin on the world’s currency exchanges. This big bash has caused institutional investors to enter the market of Bitcoins in a big-wig way. The speculative bubble is, therefore, swelling on a day to day basis. This has also caused mining exercised to happen worldwide.

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