What is Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin wallet could be defined as the online digital location for the Bitcoin digital currency to be stored. It works in the same way any other online digital currency works. You can buy, sell, or transact in Bitcoin by using Bitcoin wallet. It works the same way your real and physical wallet works. Here you store the actual currency notes of your nation. But in digital crypto currency wallets you store the Bitcoin or any other digital crypto currency. Thus in a way it acts the online digital repository of your online earned, brought, or received digital money. Bitcoin wallets also provide many other functionalities such as buying or selling by QR code reading and sharing the QR code to receive the Bitcoin digital currency.

The features include:

Registering is not required. Web is also needed sometimes. The facility is dissipated having a peer2peer model.

Here rates other crypto currencies are also shown for quick analysis.

One can also convert the various other national fiat currencies of the world.

One can send or receive the digital crypto currencies via QR code sharing and receiving.

When there is no internet connectivity one may communicate to other wallets via Bluetooth and other such wireless technologies.

Email and SMS notifications pop up for receiving and sending any amount currency.

A widget always runs over the android system to show up the current price of the stored crypto currency in national fiat currency of the worlds.

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