What is Bitcoin Server?

Bitcoin’s algorithm works over a decentralized data base of millions of nodes and subnode. The centralized serving computer facility is generally absent in the decentralized currency such as Bitcoins. Bitcoin was made upon the premise that it shall be that currency which shall remain anonymous from the ambits of the governments, regulatory, coercive and national agencies so that one becomes truly a world citizen. 

Therefore as the stated goal of Bitcoin suggests there could not be any centralized server which shall oversee the Bitcoin mining and trading, however if the mining is to done by employing a cloud server, then we shall be needing a centralized Bitcoin server which shall oversee the mining process of the attached hardware. 

The hardware resources shall be needed to be aggregated; the process of aggregation has to be overseen by the centralized server in order to carry on the mining process. Various mining equipment of varying mining capacity such as ASIC miners, GPUs and Graphics cards when merged in a closed mining rig; then constitute a centralized cloud mining servers. Such mining clouds are to be overseen by a centralized server which is placed inside a safe and secure place. 

Same safety protocols are to be followed by the for the Bitcoin mining server which are followed for the otherwise existing data centers cloud servers. Now a day due to heavy surge in the pricing of the Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, mining via the cloud has taken a big leap. As such people who are not very much exposed to the technicalities of the hardware, mining or the app/ wallet/ software may choose to mine the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and so on by taking the services of the Bitcoin mining servers situated at the cloud data service providers too.

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