What is Bitcoin Checker?

Bitcoin Checker refers to a popular cryptocurrency app which is highly beneficial for all users of cryptocurrencies. It is a rock solid app that is designed to display the updated prices on most cryptocurrencies all across the globe. This app comes with a rather easy to use user interface and this is most beneficial given the amount of data it shows. Regardless of the cryptocurrency you need data for, whether it is Bitcoins or Dogecoins, the app will have all relevant information. The best part about the Bitcoin Checker is that it is completely free for use.

With the Bitcoin Checker, you can verify the latest prices of all the cryptocurrencies from nearly 80 exchanges across the globe. The prices will also be displayed in easy-to-read notifications which come up on your status bar. Besides, you will also get alerts to keep you updated about all current changes in prices. What is advantageous is that the user can even customize the app completely to suit his needs. The display will also show coin prices in the form of subunits. All customized announcements can be delivered via text-to-speech formats. You can even have different alarms for different kinds of alert conditions.

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