What is Bitcoin Address?

The address of the Bitcoin is the unique identifier which is associated with the payment address of each and every user’s wallet. It is similar to the email address of the person. An analogy can also be drawn with the Unique Resource Locator of the website of which the web crawler takes a hit to. The Bitcoin address is a string of 26 to 35 characters which could either be alphabets or numerals. 

Anyone can generate any number of Bitcoin address as per his or her convenience and this is done without any charge. One can have more than one Bitcoin addresses for his different payment receipts but the underlying Bitcoin wallet shall remain the same. 

These more than one Bitcoin addresses would be called the allies of the same Bitcoin address. It is very easy to generate new addresses for the underlying Bitcoin wallet. One just needs to push the button for ‘Add New Address’ on their respective Bitcoin wallet app and the address gets created. Many merchants which accept Bitcoin as the legitimate way of paying for commodities and services offered need to know the Bitcoin address of the wallet associated with the Bitcoin for accepting or requesting the payment. This is online Bitcoin identifier needed for the Bitcoin payments to be realized is a must.

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