What is ASIC Mining?

Silicon Machines That Bend To Our Wills

In modern-day terms, we are all ‘connected’. From the smallest and most basic cell phone to the Samsung Galaxies and iPhone Xs, connectivity has become an issue of the most basic nature, with several countries mandating internet connectivity as a public service. At the heart of all these high-end uses of data transmission and reception lie chips – semiconductor devices so tiny that their individual components are microscopic. With the correct programming, these semiconductor-based circuits can become capable of holding a conversation with a human convincingly – even passing the Turing Test, if properly coached.

When assembled to do a certain task, these marvels of technology are referred to as Application Specific Integrated Circuits, resulting in the acronym: ASIC. ASICs perform a variety of tasks that dazzles the mind of lay observers, and their integration into literally every piece of modern electronics is nigh complete.

Mining Bitcoin The Right Way – The ASIC Way

Application Specific Integrated Circuits that have been custom designed for carrying out the complicated calculations required to find an answer to scientific queries is called ASIC miners. They are self-sufficient blocks of interconnected hardware that only need basic infrastructure (like a stable power supply) to earn Bitcoin by finding the solution to the query. The Bitcoin so generated is entrenched in the ASIC owner’s digital wallet through SHA-256 hash algorithms working to create the blockchain.

Due to the custom-built nature of the ASIC miner setup, it is sometimes out of the reach of erstwhile Bitcoin miners who could use jury-rigged personal computers with overclocked processors to claim a share in the cryptocurrency being produced. ASICs do this much more efficiently, hence recouping costs in a jiffy by providing Proof-of-Work (PoW) to the decentralized network for getting the appropriate share in the Bitcoin.

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