Multicoin Capital Management, LLC is planning to invest $250 million in Ethereum calling it a Launchpad for most new crypto currencies.

Multicoin is an investment firm, which is stalking for next compeer’s tokens by negotiating the blockchain space.  It plays with real money making it most diverse among all. It features a star-stud cast of inventors, including Marc Andreessen (an American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer). He has backed countless famous websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, eBay, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Kno, Stanford Hospital, Bump Technologies and many more ventures.

He is considered to be today’s “smart money maker” as where-ever he goes people trail him! The long records of his high-profile successes have made his firm, Andreessen Horowitz, a forerunner of Silicon Valley mawkishness.

M. Andreessen has already invested $50 million via Multicoin, and the rest $200 million will be upstretched by crowd-funding, which will end by the June this year. As Andreessen and his opinion-maker prestige is on board, Ethereum shall grow stronger. Though retail investors will not be able to contribute in this.

It is definitely for us to now decide what we can do, instead of anticipating where the fund will put its money. We can check which coin will see profits with Ethereum’s fund collection as Ethereum will come out as a big winner.

Till date, Ethereum was undervalued, for it to be trading anywhere below $1,000 reflects undue pessimism in the market. Thus, after this; Ethereum will definitely come up with speed, helping other businesses which are based on its platform.

If you are still thinking which coin will emerge out when the market gets stable, don’t be surprised to see Ethereum’s name on the very top. When things are seen losing, there’s always a way to come out of it.