Based in the UK, Payza (an online global e-wallet) has given its support to Dash while allowing around 13 million customers to use Dash at more than 100,000 retailers and even exchange the cryptocurrency for 25 national currencies. Following Bitcoin, Dash is second digital currency that is added on Payza. 

It is an online payment platform, focus on providing safe, easy, and fast payment services. The e-wallet software of Payza permits users to receive and send money, get paid, and make payments worldwide. In addition, services of Payza include a wide array of tools for money management and bookkeeping. 

The company has its headquarters in London; however, primarily serves Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia. A few major markets of Payza include Pakistan, Venezuela, Nepal, Mexico, Haiti, and Brazil. 

The CEO of Dash, Ryan Taylor said, “Payza is a great partnership for us as our missions are properly aligned.”

“The global online payment platform is supporting populations that don’t use banks in around 200 countries, and low cost and instant transactions are a few ideal attributes of Dash that meets the needs of customers. Also, it is well known in the crypto market with millions of users. Thus, Payza have refrained from the integration of other popular cryptocurrencies across the platform.”

Established in the year 2012 to offer an alternative payment method and storage for people that have difficulties in accessing financial institutions and bank accounts. According to the company, they have received huge customer demand for adding Dash in the past some months. 

The CEO of Payza, Firoz Patel said, “There are various reasons due to which we have chosen Dash as the second cryptocoin for integration on our platform, following Bitcoin.” Continuing the discussion, he said, “Dash boasts fast transactions and low transaction fees, these two features of Dash are what users want in a digital currency. In addition, Dash also possess an active and vibrant community that appeals to everybody as company which is focusing on empowering the people who are underbanked. Finally, the cryptocurrency has a proper roadmap that will improve its usability.”

Formerly called XCoin and Darkcoin, Dash is an open-source peer-to-peer payment network that aims to provide fast, cheap, and secure payments. Much awaited Dash Evolution platform is expected to be release by the end of this year. The platform will be aimed at mainstream audience and it will come along with features and new technologies that will appeal to a huge crowd.

This announcement came when Dash is planning to expand in the emerging markets. This recent partnership have bring Dash to Asia and Zimbabwe too, where KuvaCash (pilot project) was disclosed in the month of November 2017 in order to offer a great alternative for making payments and store value. 

Earlier this year in Spain, Dash has announced partnership with Bitnovo (a local startup) in order to allow customers to buy Dash at around 10,000 retailers across the country.

Currently, Dash is the eleventh well-known cryptocurrency and has a total market cap of $3.25 billion.