Recently, UNICEF has released a page which will help in making the donation to the Australian branch. People don’t need to give money, all they have to do is mine cryptocurrency by making use of computing power. 

More than 2,600 people have already made a donation via The Hopepage of UNICEF. On this page, users can set the processing power percentage accordingly that they want to donate to the website. People can maximum donate 80%. Make sure not to set high percentage. The more they stay on the website, they are helping to mine more cryptocurrencies on the behalf of UNICEF. According to the website, the crypto will surely go towards providing children the life-saying supplies, such as therapeutic food, vaccines, and safe water.

The moment people click on Start Donating button, a pop up occurs stating “ would like to use your computing power” and assures you that mathematical algorithms work via the sandbox of the browser; therefore, downloads are not necessary. (It seems that website might not run on every computer.) A notification states it is powered by a mining tool based on Javascript – Coinhive. It is the same cryptocurrency mining tool utilized by Salon as the alternative of producing ad revenue. In addition, it is also used by Showtime sites for a short span of time. Monero can be mined through this tool, the cryptocurrency is considered as Bitcoin alternative and more private as it shuffles the identity information of users. However, Monero is hardly utilized in order to buy goods directly and easily it can be changed in the traditional/fiat currency to purchase supplies. 

The website will show you hash rate (the speed of mining cryptocurrency) in the right corner above. When I visited The Hopepage, it showcased six hashes per second and I gave 45 percent of my Lenovo’s computing power. It might be a small, but a good effort. When you are making the donation, the webpage tells you that you are making the donation for Myanmar’s Rohingya refugee children that faced violence and danger for being a Muslim. 

In case, you are using a laptop, then you will see that the battery of your laptop start draining post a couple of minutes of utilizing the website if the power source is not plugged. You need to be careful as more processing power given to, it will drain the battery more instantly and as a result, it will damage the process. Therefore, it is good to donate when your laptop or system is plugged in. 

Obviously, it is an innovative way of collecting money for charity and this is the second initiative of UNICEF in order to utilize crypto to fund donation. In the month of February this year, a website with the name of is launched that asked visitors for Ethereum mining so that it can be changed in funds for the children of Syria. The effort achieved a major success and raised more than 996 Euros ($1,200) in just a few months after being public.