The altcoin Dogecoin has peaked up to a price of four times within a passing few weeks all due to this huge speculative mania which is surrounding the premium crypto currency Bitcoin. Dogecoin which came to the advent to mock the success of Bitcoin by adopting a popular internet meme in form of its iconography has picked up total market valuation at dollar 1 billion. The exact market valuation of Dogecoin is currently at $ 1.17 billion thereby the trading is going on at the rate of $ 0.0104 per coin irrespective of the condition that the originators of Dogecoin have not issued even a single update for it software for more than 700 days.

Crypto coin Dogecoin

In the December of the year 2017 this new age virtual crypto currency rose up to its valuation by more than 400% by trickling into the huge speculative mania which was surrounding the world’s premium crypto currency Bitcoin. This Dogecoin was introduced in the year of 2013 contained the iconography in the form of an internet meme of the Shibu Inu dog in the form of its logo. It came as an alternative crypto coin which was peer-to-peer digitalized to produce tokens which shall descend from the Bitcoin.

During a television interview telecasted in the United States of America the founding father of this Dogecoin crypto currency Mr. Jackson Palmer had replied to a question regarding the surging in the pricing of Dogecoin that the current surging as a result of hugely positive and optimistic market of the alternative crypto currency. Mr. Parmar articulated his support in favor of Dogecoin by saying that he is hugely confident of the potential of the Core Team responsible for the development of Dogecoin. He additional said that he is fully confident that the team shall remain up to date to make the software fully operational up to the current benchmarks of crypto currency.

It Speaks volumes about the state of confidence people have placed in the crypto currency Dogecoin which is yet to release any update regarding it software after an interval of more than 700 years and still it is accelerating its values at such fast pace is that it has become $1 billion entity.

The current market of crypto currency has more than 1300 crypto currencies and in terms of total market share Bitcoin is assuming a little less than half of it. Some other popular crypto currencies which include the types of Ripple and Ethereum too have seen massive jumps gaining 35000 percentage of growth in the year of 2017. It is yet to be seen in which direction and in what momentum would this current crypto currency mania go on.