Based in Sao Paulo, Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) made an announcement claiming that it is the first ever Master’s Programme in Cryptofinance launched in any Brazilian University.

The FGV’s program coordinator, Ricardo Rochman highlighted the requirement for education resources on the cryptocurrency subject by stating, “Cryptocurrency is a market that lacks expertise people. Cryptofinance programme will include financial and economic fundamentals which are worth being taught, research, and discussion.”

Michele Araujo, a 26-yrs old Economics Student, FGV attested the advantages of studying the cryptocurrency markets by stating, “Practical technology applications and digital currency as alternative investment are two conceptual gains.”

Students of Brazil Form Study Group/Startup

The students of Brazil also took initiative and created Blockchain Insper – ‘[a] junior company and [a] study group combination” as per local media.

This group was made by two students of economics, namely Felipe Santos and Juan Perpetuo in their initial twenties. In order to establish Blockchain Insper, Mr. Perpetuo said, “We had modesty to seek that there is no advantage of doing things on your own.” Then, Mr. Santos continued by saying, “We thought that we might create hub, facilitating every student entry and doesn’t possess a bias innovation which separates from small company.”

Blockchain Insper was created seven months prior and as per the reports it have made partnerships with renowned cryptocurrency companies in the market, providing professional consultants and mentors to group.

At present, it has around 23 members that are categorized in research teams learning technology, business, finance, and other departments, such as strategy, content, management, events, and marketing. Each student is involved in all activities – whether it is research or practical.

Digital Currencies Incorporated in Economics

In the previous year, the Sao Paulo University’s Economics and Administration Faculty incorporated digital currencies in the derivatives unit (founded by Professor Alan de Genaro, Professor).

Professor Genaro said that “a few issues need to be represented even if the student not visits the finance market. Investors and other people need to understand the beneficial factors and non-beneficial factors regrading cryptocurrency.”