Mr. Steve Bannon who is an ex-aide and main strategist for election campaign of the current president Mr. Donald Trump has espoused his positive views regarding crypto currencies by describing it as an asset towards the antipodal -establishment actions  running in European nations. He articulated his views on the occasion which was hosted by the Switzerland based news-portal Die Weltwoche (The World Week), held on 5th of March.

The event was held in the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich where Mr. Steve Bannon has put up his views regarding the crypto phenomenon by saying that, “…blockchain is going to put back power to the masses and shall be instrumental in giving flight to the popular movements, companies and ultimately shall relieve the governments of them being overly dependent on the central banks for the money supply and cause a decrement in the undue influence on the liquidity in the economy as a whole. Central banks debase the currency on their will which results in people becoming waged slaves.”

He further added, “…by using the concept of cryptocurrency in an effective manner we can eliminate the need to put up money into the banking cartels which have their unholy reach up to the point of central banks of nations. It shall result in giving more power to the individuals and rightful citizens. By using the Bitcoins and other such crypto currencies we take back the power we rightfully deserve, central banks have no business to be in the business of dictating how a person wants to spend his wealth. An altogether new kind of systematic fiefdoms and serfdoms are being created by means of traditional banking systems and we need to put our weight to break this hegemonic wall…”

Mr. Bannon has put on glaring accusations on the governments of the world of dishonestly confiscating money of the people in co-compliance with the central banking institutions of the world.  He just did not stop here and added further that the governments are stealing the identities and rights of the normal people and using these for the very purpose they announce that they want to avoid! He praised the concept of blockchain in particular, and crypto currency in general; that - it is that technological marvel which is bringing the transparency and democratization in the otherwise obscure and opaque wall of secrecy surrounding the financial systems of the world. 

Mr. Steve Bannon also made a bit of political commentary on the topic of nationalism and right-wing resurgence all across the Europe by saying that the right nationalism is boosted by open and democratic innovations like blockchain