Presently, the crypto trading market will receive invasion of hedge funds, big banks, and financial institutions in the coming months of this year. According to a survey, most of them are not making any bustle in public regarding crypto plans and they are prepared to get into this field.

Large Players Seems to be Changing 

The multinational information company, Thomson Reuters Corporation (headquartered in Toronto) released a survey on 24th April that revealed around 20% financial institutions are examining the option of getting in the crypto trading space in the coming 12 months. Moreover, around 70% of the people are planning to start cryptocurrencies trading in the coming 3 to 6 months as per the survey.

According to a company, survey has covered over 400 clients across the platforms of Thomson Reuters, such as hedge funds, trading desks, and big asset managers at biggest banks. More than 300,000 economic professionals are working in hedge funds, asset management, and institutions in order to get access to the crypto data (price quotes of BCH, BTC, and ETH) thrugh the platform of Thomsan Reuters Eikon.

“Historically, banking sectors been disreputably unconcerned of cryptocurrency movement. The crypto has been known as bubble, criminal asset, and worthless. However, the survey validates that the time financial institutions saying a different thing and doing another thing,” said Kevin Murcko, the CEO of Coinmetro (crypto exchange). He added, “We are seeing institutionalization of crypto sphere and it is to drive the mainstream adoption. A step of accommodating cryptocurrencies is a symbolic and it is also a sign of increasing maturity in crypto market and shows that how far digital currency has come up since its invention.”

Goldman Setting Stage 

One of the most popular banks considered to be entering in the crypto field is Goldman Sachs; however, the CEO has previously denied such rumors of setting a Bitcoin trading desk. Earlier this week, it was exposed that the famed company has hired a quantitative trader, namely Justin Schmidt as the cryptocurrency markets head in the securities division of the company.

The spokeswoman of Goldman Sachs, Tiffany Galvin-cohen gave a statement “As per the interest of client in different digital products, the company is exploring how to best serve clients in the crypto space. “ She added, “At this given point of time, we have not came to a conclusion on possibility of cryptocurrency offering.”

Besides, the banks must be aware of increasing demand of hedge funds and investors that are planning for crypto trading. A company supported by Goldman Sachs, Circle has presently doubled the ticket size of OTC Bitcoin that trades at $500,000 with average of USD 1 million. The Chief Executive of Circle, Jeremy Allaire told a renowned financial website that at present, a few transactions are bigger than USD 100 million and ‘this watermark will constantly rise.’