A leading Japanese firm Mikan Co. Ltd. has declared the beta launch of Yemon (English App) which is decided to be released in the late March 2018. 

Japan is a principal country in every way to accept crypto currency throughout the country proclaiming it a legal tender. Yemon wallet is specifically designed for Android and iOS smartphones which will launch in late March. 

Mikan, is a reputed company, which is known for its app that communicates English words. This company was established in 2014 and has gained popularity by 2 million downloads just in its first release. Mikan is scheduling to invite its users to test the beta platform, for Bitcoin Cash wallet which has in recent times announced its pre-registration. 

According to the Mikan’s press release, Bitcoin has the potential to become a vital part of people’s life. The developers are on tenterhooks that the application will be easy to understand and get in use as compared to other existing applications, but the main agenda of the developers as per the announcement is of; using Bitcoin easily in everyday life, without facing much of an issue. 

As explained by Mikan, “[Yenom] shows the intention of “turning over the existing money structure through this service…”. Making it clear the single-mindedness of choosing this name, as it states the word “Money” upside down. Yemon is planned and devoted to work with Bitcoin Cash, according to the company. 

Most of the crypto currencies are traded in the market due to the assumption, but virtual currencies are exciting to use, as stated by Mikan. Though the company believes that Bitcoin is holding great potential as a currency. The company also thinks that people and market will realize the importance of Bitcoin when crypto currencies will come in full regulation in the marketplace and in people’s day to day needs like our traditional currencies. 

“Like water, electricity, and the internet Bitcoin should become the part of everyone’s life”, said Mikan in its press release.