On Thursday Mr. Bart Chilton has come out and expressed his regret about not investing in Bitcoin at that time when he was cautioning everyone to be well informed about the phenomena.

He is the ex-commissioner of the United States future trading commission. He said that he has been demanding the regulation of the Bitcoin to be done since the beginning of year 2012. The time of crypto currency mania which happened in the December of year 2017 he dragged the attention of the world when he said that investigations need to be done in such volatile price changes which happened in the crypto currency Bitcoin.

However, he is content with his views that the prices of Bitcoin are Wild West except in the future markets which are regulated by the US law but still in those markets too where the prices have settled down there is a whole lot of euphoria going on regarding the volatility in this crypto currency.

He said that he regrets now that he had not invested in Bitcoin at the time when he was concerned regarding the high volatility prevalent in the crypto currency market. And that time he was telling everyone to be deeply careful while investing in Bitcoin. He espoused his views regarding the regret he now faces that the time has passed when the Bitcoin was cheap. Now he says that he is not in position of making any massive investment in this new age digital crypto currency. Not just this he has also caused his friends to lose their corpus as they appeared to be bewildered by his such high level caution posing comments regarding the volatility. His friends would have been millionaires till now if they would not had followed his advice of investing against Bitcoin.

The prices of the Bitcoin started surging up when the United States financial regulator started allowing the future trading in Bitcoin and provided licenses to two of the giants; the CBOE Global and CME group. He sees the granting of licenses to these companies as a miner step in wholesome regulation process of crypto currency by the United States Government. Now a days all the crypto currencies including the premium crypto currency Bitcoin has faced downward swivel after the decision of South Korea's Justice Department has announced the banning of all trading activities in crypto currency. It is rumored that the government is concerned regarding the high volatility in the pricing of virtual currencies that's why it has banned them all together.