Now, you can purchase a house by using Bitcoin in the UK. One of the biggest homebuilders in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland, Hagan Homes is one-of-a-kind firm that initiated this in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Jamesy Hagan (Managing Director of Hagan Homes) said, “Bitcoin is a decentralized and innovative payment method, and it is a new type of money. This digital cash is much similar to traditional/fiat currency transaction. The significant growth in Bitcoin usage can be seen globally and Hagan Homes’ acceptance of this cryptocurrency reflects our inclination of responding to the cryptocurrency market.”

In 2016-17, Hagan Homes documented over £18 million turnover and with this it completed the second biggest home creation since the time of establishment around 30 years ago.

The homebuilder company completed around 207 houses at 15 different sites in Northern Ireland. This indicated about 8% increase from the previous year. Continuing the discussion, Hagan added, “The Northern Ireland appeal is continuously growing worldwide.”

‘The international investors are increasing in the Northern Ireland and establishing their businesses subsequently, ultimately this means the increasing people who want to work, investor or live in the Northern Ireland.’

Further, he acknowledged that this innovative cryptocurrency is facing the challenges. He added, “Of course, there are a few risks associated with the usage of Bitcoin as a payment method owing to the volatility of cryptocurrency; however sellers and buyers are constantly on a move and searching innovative ways in order to deal with the challenges.”

Also, he said, “By integrating our people’s learning, we can embrace the innovation.”