After a distressing period which lasted for over a week caused by the pressurization put up due to regulatory distractions; Bitcoin has once again surged to register a sweet weekend! This was particularly a worrisome week when around 500 million worth of digital crypto coins were stolen from Japanese crypto currency exchange; the name of which is CoinCheck which some people considered as sequel of Mt. Gox. Mt. Gox was a hacking incident where a smaller quantity of Bitcoins was stolen resulting in the downfall of the prices of crypto coins for almost 2 months.

However, like a cool breeze in the desert - the good news came soon through the Japanese crypto currency exchange CoinCheck soon that the firm shall pay each and every one account who has lost due to this hacking incident in XEM. Ultimately, this proved to be a positive sentiment building news for the institutional investors as well as for the individual investors. It brought a new high in the crypto currency world. The affair trickled down to Ethereum crypto coin making it rise by more than 20% and situating its peak price at level of $ 1300. The top 5 coins as a whole too benefitted immensely from this good news. In some of the exchanges situated around the world the price of Bitcoin reached a level of 12,000 US Dollars while in some of the exchanges it eased down to dollar 11,800 just before the opening of the markets in the continent of Asia.

One good news which is unrelated to this crypto currency hacking incident and the further payback made by the exchange is that Yamaha company is soon going to tie up with crypto currency exchange in Japan the name of witches Bitflyer. Hence, Yamaha shall start accepting Bitcoin as legal tender for the goods and merchandise sold across its platform.

With the stated mission and vision of Yamaha of easing of services and convenience of the Japanese customers the Yamaha Company is looking of making big gains in the crypto currency domain. As the acceptability of crypto currency Bitcoin is incrementing all across the retailers in the Japanese market it comes as a very great news for people who have invested heavily into crypto currencies as the prices are expected to surge up further. With the incrementing trust of people in the concept of blockchain thereby reflecting through more shops being open to accept Bitcoin as a standard payment method; it can be easily speculated that in the coming future the incremented liquidity of Bitcoin shall cause lesser possibilities of crashes and greater stability in the prices. For succeeding in the mission of Bitcoin to become a global methodology of payment all across the world; can only be fulfilled if vendors geographically spread all around the world start accepting Bitcoin wholeheartedly as a valid method of payment. If this becomes a possibility it shall pave the way for a smaller and non-premium crypto currencies to make a bigger dent into the market of finances as well as stocks and shares.