Similar to other sixth class students, Andrew Courey loves to play sports and iPhone. However, unlike many 11-year old children, Courey is a Bitcoin expert too.

He wrote a book “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin," and then he self-published that book in the month of January for Amazon Kindle. This author-published e-book possesses a price of $2.99. The just released, paper book costs around $9.99.

Courey is a son of technology investor and enjoy playing with the mobile applications. He has the ability of instantly coming up with innovative business ideas. According to a website, at his latest basketball game, he got upset with foul call and went to dad and suggested that a glassdoor should be made for referees’. 

In the previous year, Courey was observing the investment opportunities as he had an aim of earning $20 Million at the 14 years age. As per his agreement with the parents, if he will be successful to earn $20 Million, then he will drop out the school. After coming across the Bitcoin, he started reading news stories and seeing early investors and experienced miners’ YouTube videos.

Last year, when the cryptocurrency prices rise, especially the Bitcoin price surged around 17 fold, Courey not sold any fiat currency as investment. However, knowing that Andrew Courey (his son) looking for passive income sources, Jeff Courey persuaded his son to write a book on Bitcoin and sell it, as he can make use of all good research and simplify most of the difficult ideas surrounding Blockchain and Bitcoin. 

Andrew Courey (who resides in Wellesley, Massachusetts along with his parents) said, “Anybody can know about digital currencies if they are ready to spend around 70 to 80 hours on the research, till the time they find some reliable sources.” Further, he added, “The complete book explained Bitcoin in simplest terms and quite easy to understand.”

There are 25 pages in the book that includes Bitcoin wallets, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), History of Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency Ethereum chapters. The title of the book possesses two meanings, one is early bird that serves the kids and other includes the lucky people that invested in Bitcoin earlier and made great fortunes. 

Wallet is Similar to a Mailbox 

The major objective of Courey is to search real-world similarities to Blockchain and Bitcoin so that kids can easily understand these complicated concepts. In his book, he has compared the Blockchain technology to the Google Docs that can be “shared with anyone and edited only through selling or purchasing Bitcoin.”

Courey described the Bitcoin wallet as, there is private key that can only be accessed by owner and public key that can be accessed by everyone. He explained it as, “Just think that there is mailbox, where mailman has an access to mailbox; however, the person that has a key is the one who have an access to the mail.”

Andrew Courey said that it took around three months for writing, research, and edit the Bitcoin book. 

Apart from this, he has some another plan too that can help in achieving $20 million that is not completely ready. This plan includes a math flashcard’s mobile application that can scale around $2 million and then he will sell this mobile app and earn 10 times profit.