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Nov 24, 2017 05:10:25 pm

Leading Global Fund Manager Says Bitcoin Is Inherently Digital Gold

More and more sovereign government institutes are putting their weight behind the BitCoin as this crypto digital currency has surpassed the value of US dollars eight thousand per coin the previous week. The latest of them joining the BitCoin vagabond is Old Mutual Gold and Silver Fund which deals with the equities and securities of precious metals such as Gold and Silver. It has the market capitalization o...
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Nov 23, 2017 05:03:14 pm

Shocker Ahead! Wall Street Pundit Tom Lee Speculates Bitcoin to Raise $11500 in 2018!

The top strategist of Wall Street Mr. Lee has set the target of Bitcoin to reach an upheaval level of $11,500 per coin; thus, estimating a whopping 40 per cent increment to the current prices. He suggested the miners and investors to invest in this crypto currency at the current price and earn a hefty sum a year afterwards. He expressed his views giving a clear indication that the usual caution which is often exercised is no longer w...
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Nov 22, 2017 06:06:23 pm

Philippines To Rival Japan In Cut-Throat Race Of Legalizing Bitcoin

The legal and regulatory framework for the digital currency BitCoin has been made up in Philippines. It shall now happen that the Bitcoins could be used, purchased and sold as government bonds and securities. Bitcoins and other such digital currencies shall be brought under the existing government structure and regulatory mechanism dealing with finances of this tiny nation. Mr. Emilio Aquino, the Head of Securities and Exchange Commi...
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Nov 21, 2017 06:13:52 pm

Rivalry Among Bitcoin And Bitcoincash Giving Gold Rush To Miners And Investors

People were of the opinion that BitCoinCash has been long dead after it lost its value by a worth of $600. But after the sudden increment in its value in the previous week; it has come up to $2600 per coin, thus effectively beating the BitCoin by a close shave! Also, in the sudden turn of events the BitCoin too has reached its all-time high value of $7800 on the...
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Nov 20, 2017 03:29:04 pm

Ethereum To Become The Worlds Biggest Cryptocurrency Says, Ceo Of Crypto-Hedge-Fund

The Chief Executive Officer of hedge fund Mr. Olaf Carlson-Wee has speculated that Ethereum is on the way of beating BitCoin very soon in coming year 2018. On one hand we have Bitcoin as world’s most used crypto-coin, while on the other we have Ethereum which is gaining too quick a momentum by surpassing its growth on a daily basis. This has led Mr. Olaf Carlson-Wee to prophesize the crossing over of...
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Nov 18, 2017 02:14:45 pm

US Government Has Tied Up With Firms Dealing In Analysis Of Blockchain To Catch Up ‘Untidy’ Bitcoins

It is an old saying that wrongdoing doesn't pay for long! In any case, getting crooks to pay for their wrongdoing is a positive signal for the bright future prospects of this promising technological innovation knows as cryptocurrency. There is one such firm which is known by the name Chainalysis which has amassed a fortune through taking contracts from governments by offering recognizable identity to m...
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Nov 17, 2017 05:35:09 pm

Bitcoin Setting a New Record Value Reaching Closer to $8 000

After surpassing $7,800, Bitcoin has reached to the next level and setting a new record value close to $8,000. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency is rapidly increasing its value day-by-day. The digital currency had a superb year and continuing the race by breaking new value levels, right from $2,000, $3,000 to $7,000. It has successfully managed to go through the strides and reached the highest ...
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Nov 16, 2017 12:40:42 pm

The Supreme Court Of India Approaches Government To Control Bitcoin

The Indian Supreme Court has requested that the administration to react to calls to manage BitCoin. On Tuesday three judges issued a notice to the national bank, the market controller, the expense division, and a few different offices, requesting that they answer an appeal to on the issue, as per the reports of Indian media. The first appeal to the court communicated worry that BitCoin can be utilized to lead exchanges crosswise over ou...
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Nov 15, 2017 03:02:58 pm

After A Sudden Decrease Bitcoin Returns Much More Grounded

In view of graph assessments, Bitcoin cost has constantly expanded significantly after plunges more prominent than 20 percent. The ascent in Bitcoin costs for the four past plunges of more than 20 percent were considerable. By and large, the digital money posted 61.5 percent pick-up in each cycle after significant offer offs. This bewildering number has prompt an expanded want among insiders to 'purcha...
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Nov 14, 2017 05:13:41 pm

In The Midst Of The Hypotheses Over Its Future Bitcoin Surges $900 In 14 Hours

BitCoin is becoming an especially wild ride! This advanced cash picked up to an amount of $900 on Monday, and it lost some ground at exchange closing with $6,500. In the previous week this crypto-money has surged to the level of $7,500; also a record low at $5,500 - a sinusoid of about 30%. Investigators said that the unpredictability has hobnailed after strategies to part BitCoin into twofold were plummeted a week ago in the midst o...
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