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Dec 07, 2017 10:44:51 am

Ethereum Blockchain 11 Percent Traffic Is Used by Digital Cats

Launched recently in the month of October, CryptoKitties is a game based on the Ethereum blockchain in which digital cats are breed through smart contracts. This is an ideal option to introduce beginners or newbies to smart contracts that works on the Ethereum network. However, CryptoKitties is officially released on 28th October and instantly become a multi-mil...
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Dec 06, 2017 05:40:32 pm

The Price Of Bitcoin Has Reached A Level Of More Than USD 12 000 For The First Time

On Wednesday, the value of Bitcoin has reached a price of more than $ 12000 for the very first time in its history. This is the highest rally point Bitcoin has ever reached. However, there is no shortage of intellectuals and monetary pundits who are calling it a temporary bubble. As the news flowed out of the United States monetary regulator of allowing the CME group and the CBOE global markets of being al...
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Dec 06, 2017 10:55:31 am

Winklevoss Brothers Have Amassed A Huge Fortune In The Ongoing Bitcoin Bash

Winklevoss brothers have amassed a huge fortune in the ongoing bash in Bitcoins! There was a fear of losing a hefty sum in astro-gold stocks as people were speculating a crash in the markets which made them invest in the Bitcoins. These are those people who have made the headlines by claiming that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has stolen the idea of social network platform Facebook from themselves. The story...
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Dec 05, 2017 05:56:59 pm

Bitcoins Globally Are Worth New Zealand

Sudden surge in Bitcoin price means that the market capitalization of cryptocurrency is exceeding the whole economies annual output. Bitcoin’s worth is estimated equivalent to a few top Billionaires of the world. The flagship of cryptocurrency continued to be much higher and took a high climb this year of above 1000 percent. market tracker putting value of Bitcoins around $190 Billi...
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Dec 05, 2017 01:16:26 pm

A New Innovation Bitcoin BubbleBurst Notify You before the Crash

If often happens that people instrumental in trading and mining of Bitcoins and other such crypto currencies keep on looking for the moment of burst or crash down in the prices. Often they miss the signals and end up losing their money invested. So in time, such as of today’s, when Bitcoin is constantly rallying and declining to the adventure of monetary pundits; the new innovation with name of Bitco...
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Dec 04, 2017 11:16:38 am

Bitcoin Approval Comes From USA Allowing Contracts of Securities

Bitcoin has once again took up a big leap by getting approval from the financial regulator of the United States of America. The news is – the regulator in USA has reported that is shall allow its existing two legacy exchanges to start-off the transactions in contracts done in Bitcoin based transactions. CBOE and CME are those two exchanges which shall allow the Bitcoin trading from this month. This d...
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Dec 01, 2017 04:02:26 pm

Bitcoin Markets Correct Themselves By Purging The Excess Value Accumulated During Thanksgiving

The price of Bitcoin has declined to $ 9200. It happened after the surging of prices of Bitcoin to $ 11441. This price of $ 11441 was the highest value the Bitcoin has ever reached. So this 20% decline in the prices of Bitcoin is going to be proved as major market corrector. On the passing 29th November it was reported by the CNN that the Bitcoin prices have rallied to a level of $ 10884 from the base level of $ 10000. It means that the...
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Nov 29, 2017 04:33:38 pm

Bitcoin Gold Rush: More Indians in the Gale amid Steep Surging Prices

Bitcoin’s recent upsurge in the pricing has caused Indians to go gaga over it. There has been tremendous incrementing in the number of people – both beginners as well as shrewd market speculators – to invest in this next-gen currency. All this is happening amid the issuance of strict warning of Bitcoin rally being a bubble of speculations by eminent financial institutions; still the people’s interest knows no bou...
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Nov 28, 2017 05:32:24 pm

Market Hot With Speculations of CME Entering Bitcoin Market

During the previous month, there were strong speculations regarding the entry of the regulator of stock exchanges: CME to enter the market of crypto currencies. It was supposed that CME shall open up an authorized trading house to deal in these modern crypto-currencies. Amid these speculations, the prices of Bitcoin have raised considerably. As per the CME which, incidentally is the world‘s biggest stock and trading exchange; ther...
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Nov 27, 2017 04:38:41 pm

Bitcoin Surges to Over $9000 Due to Heavy Shopping in Thanksgiving Week

BitCoin is constantly surging due to the heavy shopping happened during the Thanksgiving week in US and other western nations. This modern crypto-currency reached a whopping price over $9400 on the preceding Sunday producing major tremors all around the world! All this happened due to the incremented interest of the investors in this crypto-money during the shopping extravaganza in Thanksgiving week. As per the reports received; BitC...
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