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Feb 21, 2018 05:56:33 pm

Latest Cryptocurrency Regulations of Australia Can Invalidate Bubble Speculation

In the past few weeks, the price of cryptocurrencies has changed to a great extent. From $795 Billion in the beginning of 2018, the total valuation of market has decreased to $340 Billion. Witnessing this, commentators started theorizing many reasons for the price decline. These explanations include bursting bubble signs, highly weighted market exuberance, and forthcoming cryptoc...
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Feb 21, 2018 02:17:14 pm

Bitcoin Has Almost Doubled Its Value From The Past Month Record Low

Bitcoin has reached a level of high in the past 3 weeks on the previous Tuesday. This rallying in the prices of Bitcoin is almost 100 % increment from the lowest mark which it had reached this year. The recovery of Bitcoin has went on even after the financial regulator of South Korea came down heavily over the crypto currencies’ exchanges. The South Korean regulator has eve...
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Feb 19, 2018 05:58:01 pm

Bitcoin Can Reach to $25000 Mark by the End of 2018

Researchers or cryptocurrency experts have different opinion on the price of Bitcoin. According to the analysts, the value of world’s top most cryptocurrency might reach to $25,000 by the end of 2018.  In the beginning of this year, ...
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Feb 19, 2018 10:57:30 am

Bitcoin Jumps Up To The Level Of 10000 US Dollars Heading Towards 12000 USD

Bitcoin has taken a lead and therefore is sitting comfortably at a level of $ 10000 on the previous Thursday. This event has happened for the first time in more than 15 days period; as a result of investors buying back this new age digital crypto currency which had fell up to an extent of two third of its all-time best price; which was prevalent in the middle of December. ...
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Feb 17, 2018 05:07:22 pm

Litecoin Price is Surging and Leading the Cryptocurrency Price Recovery

The cryptocurrency market is recovering strongly day by day and one of the well-known digital currencies, Litecoin price is surging again. Since 2nd February 2018, the total market cap of cryptocurrencies is $466 Billion and it witnessed around 68% of rise from $276 Billion noticed as on 6th February. This sh...
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Feb 17, 2018 10:50:01 am

Deployment Of Blockchain Could Have Averted The Greenback Fraud By Nirav Modi

There has been a considerable increase in the deployment of blockchain technology by the organizations lying across the globe to avert fraud, corruption, and risk management. If Indian banks could have adopted this technology it was quite possible that the unlocking of the blocks would have happened in the case – when the parties involved gang up to arm-twist the system. Bl...
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Feb 16, 2018 06:08:45 pm

Bitcoin Mining in Iceland Using Huge Energy

In a few months, the price of Bitcoin have fluctuated so much, while in Iceland Bitcoin is only going upward. The cryptocurrencies success across the world had unexpected impact on around 340,000 people of the island and it might outcome as energy storage in the Atlantic Ocean.  For cryptocurrency servers, Iceland is the prime location across the world. According to analyst, Bitcoin is described as 21st century gold and it has i...
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Feb 16, 2018 02:57:53 pm

Bitcoin Registers Biggest Rally In The Previous Weeks

Crypto currencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular; are going on the path of their biggest surge in the previous weeks amid the denial by the President of European Union’s Central Bank of the rumors of putting a ban on the crypto currencies. Yesterday, during the early trading Bitcoin registered a surge of 7 % thereby making it gain USD 400 amounting to the addendum of...
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Feb 15, 2018 06:04:33 pm

Cryptocurrency Traders of Hong Kong Shift Focus to US Futures Markets

Reports suggest that more and more Bitcoin traders from Hong Kong are turning to the futures markets in the US. This gradual shift from the domestic markets to the American futures markets seems to have been instigated by a general perception that the US markets receive increased monitoring than Hong Kong’s unregulated crypto exchanges. The Hong Kong traders have now started to demand exposure to Bitcoin Futures Markets in Amer...
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Feb 15, 2018 12:52:28 pm

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum Price Hikes After ECB Dismisses the Fear of Cryptocurrency Ban

In the previous month, the condition of Bitcoin was so serious that it was titled as ‘horror show’ and ‘bloodbath’, prior being dubbed as ‘cryptopocalypse’. However, from that point of time, the major cryptocurrencies price has been increasing, though the crypto-markets are prone to wobbles and are highly volatile.   On 14th ...
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