You are welcome to the referral program of HashGains Token!

The aim of this program is to reward the people who by virtue of their sharing good news regarding the HashGains bring up investment in HashGains in its initial coin offering endeavor. It is quite an easy deal: you make your acquaintances to invest in the Token Sale of HGS and we will make sure that YOU obtain additional quantities of HGS!

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So, how to start up?

Our affiliation tracking network picks up each and every transaction and maps it back with the referrer. You need to sign up for the ICO where you shall also be given a tab called “Get Referral Link”. The system is made to generate a unique link of reference for each of the signatories. So, you need to share this link to WhatsApp, Telegram, Email and other kind of social media etc. so that people clinking on the link may sign up for our token sale. Our software maps and tracks each and every of the user who came up through the referral link and shall assigns the new user to the referring member. In no time, the earned tokens shall be credited to the account of the referring member and start getting displayed in the dashboard.

For the time being, no limit on the number of members which could be referred by an individual has been placed; off course subject to the total tokens assigned to the pool of bounty

So Again, Let’s Recap

  • 1)The people whom you refer to; need to register via the personalized link which has been assigned under your name; in order to make you eligible to earn HashGains Token.
  • 2)After signing up, the referred person needs to purchase a minimum of 100 tokens; so that you may qualify for referring bonus.
  • 3)You shall be paid a 5 per cent of the token amount purchased by the referred person; as bonus.
For example
HGS amount purchased (HGS) by referred personBonus (HGS) provided to you
And so on…..$$$$!

So, please come up and join this unique program of getting rewarded by HashGains. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask the same without hesitation here.

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