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How to Sell Zcash for Cash?

Zcash is an extensively popular cryptocurrency across the globe and therefore its 20th position among major altcoin is highly justified. It commands a robust market cap that stands at $ 270 million plus.

In order to sell Zcash for cash, you need to own Zcash in the first place. There are two principal methods of owning Zcash including Zcash mining and making a direct purchase through a trusted exchange such as Kraken that allows you to buy or sell Zcash reliably.

After you have entered the site of exchange, you will have to submit your personal information in addition to accepting the terms and conditions for signing up. You can now log in to your own account after the creation of the same and confirmation of your email address. The exchange will send you important information to the email account for you to fill-up in the Account Activation stage.

You will not be able to perform online transactions involving Cryptocurrencies unless you have got yourself verified. This relates to submission of required information including the details received on your email. Activation of Tier 1 entitles you to execute crypto exchange transactions. However, if you are going to use the exchange service for trading fiat currencies with altcoin such as Zcash, then you must activate Tier 2.

Now you are entitled to receive your Zcash coins by exchanging either another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or by transferring cash. The ‘funding’ button is designed to deposit altcoins into the account. The window will show a long list of altcoins including Zcash.

Before your Zcash is to be deposited, you must create an address to facilitate the deposit process. Now you can buy Zcash by selecting an appropriate pair of fiat or cryptocurrency as per the case may be.

While selling your Zcash to earn a local currency, you should enter a current price and available quantity before placing the order. While selling Zcash you must remember to use ‘sell’ button. A color change of the button will confirm that you have chosen to sell Zcash. The withdrawn funds can be directed to your preferred location such as a bank account.

Another reliable way to get cash by selling Zcash is to leverage Western Union that enables a much faster cash receipt, thanks to a great number of its global locations. This is done by filling out the form with relevant information and the quantity of Zcash and execution of the transfer of Zcash.

The process of getting cash to the pick address is completed within few minutes flat. However, you must be careful while submitting the correct info because correction of submitted information may be the time-consuming process.

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