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How to Mine Zcash on Linux?

It is now possible for any cryptocurrency enthusiast to launch the popular currency Zcash with commonly available mining tools and resources. Zcash was launched in 2016 and has a steady and growing fan base already because it offers enhanced privacy and complete anonymity. The transaction information such as names of the sender and the recipient and the value of the transactions happening on the blockchain remains encrypted and hence impossible for anyone to view without the authorized code and key.
Zcash is the Equihash algorithm-based currency that’s sharply focused on privacy. The goal of the developers was to decentralize crypto by defeating ASIC based mining. The Equihash algorithm has been developed and designed to curtail ASIC optimizations.
You can mine Zcash on Linux including Ubuntu, Debian, Elementary OS and Linux Mint.

What you would need:

A minimum of 4GB RAM on your computer
64-Bit Debian-based distribution powered by Linux
Some understanding of Linux command line

Here’s how you can set up Linux miner using Ubuntu in this instance. It will work on most Ubuntu versions and also on Debian-based distribution systems.
First you will have to create a directory for the code and install the build support packages and tools needed to carry out the mining process
The next step involves compiling for the CPU architecture specifically for the system for enhancing performance of the mining process
The necessary GPU support will have to be built

You can use any system including Mac OS and Windows for mining Zcash. Nicehash miner is recommended for Windows as it can boost up the speed of the process. A hash rate of 40 should be ideal.

It must be mentioned here that Equihash is a memory-oriented Proof-of-Work algorithm. It is used for block mining in Zcash. This means that the amount of mining that can be done is directly proportional to the RAM capacity available on the system. For improving the chances of success in Zcash mining and to ensure good profitability, your system should have high RAM.

With the Zcash eco-system maturing rapidly, developers and miners are exploring newer and more efficient ways of mining Zcash. A CPU version is also available for those who want to speculate on the value of the Zcash cryptocurrency for some time in the future.

As you are likely to face some hurdles during the Zcash mining using Linux, if you are doing it for the first time, make sure you seek the assistance of an expert.

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