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How to get Zcash online?

Zcash is a decentralized and untraceable network, and is considered one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in today’s date. It ensures strict privacy of every transaction as it is based on the zero-knowledge cryptography. The payments are recorded on the public blockchain, but there is no record of the amount, address, sender and recipient. Like Bitcoin, Zcash also has a total supply of 21 million coins. 20% of the total coins have been kept aside as Founder’s Reward and these will be divided among the investors, the non-profit organizations and the developers.

Zcash is a digital currency that is only available online. You cannot touch or see this currency but can only check the blocks or the amount you have in your account. Zcash mining is quite popular among miners these days, as ZEC can be mined with CPUs and GPUs, which are not at all expensive to invest in. 

The first step to getting Zcash online is to create your Zcash wallet, and then purchase BTC, LTC or Ethereum online. Once you have made a purchase, you can exchange them to Zcash. When you finally receive your Zcash funds (which can take up to a day depending on the speed of your internet), transfer them to the wallet which you created. Wallets are available online, but it is recommended to save your Zcash coins in an offline wallet for a better control of your earnings.

Once you have successfully installed the Zcash wallet, the best way to earn more is to start mining Zcash, and the mined blocks will be further added to your Blockchain. You can either mine solo or join a pool. Various mining pools are available online, but it is recommended to join a good mining pool and start mining as it becomes easy to generate rewards. The energy consumption is comparatively lower which lets you save a few dollars.

The internet is a vast platform and there are various websites that conduct online surveys and are ready to pay you reward. These rewards can be in the form of any cryptocurrency. Once you receive these rewards, you can transfer them to your wallet and they will ultimately be added to your blockchain. You can also make more profits by transferring the funds from your account to another, as while transferring the funds, Equihash algorithm (mathematical puzzle) is generated. This puzzle is to be verified by other miners and hence, the reward is again generated which will be valuable for other miners too.

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