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How to Buy and Sell Zcash?

Zcash is a private and anonymous crypto coin that employs the zk-snark protocol to keep the exchange 100% private, not like other security-driven digital forms of money that use in-built mixers to make the blockchain examination clearly incomprehensible. Zcash is mined using a proof-of-work framework. The mining process isn't for everybody, however. It is time-consuming and requires a specific level of learning. As along these lines, purchasing Zcash specifically from a trading platform is frequently the most straightforward approach to obtain it. In any case, registering on a trading platform will need you to reveal your own data. However, once you have Zcash currency in your e-wallet, you can simply transform it into a private address. Kraken is a respectable trade platform and it is very simple to utilize. Besides, it's one of the few handful spots where clients can purchase Zcash for fiat money (Euro, Dollar, and so forth).

At first you have to visit the Kraken site and sign up. In order to create your new account, you will have to provide all your personal information, and agree to all the terms and conditions as listed by the company before clicking on the 'sign up' tab. After you have confirmed your email address, you can log into your account and verify your identity. This is a mandatory step that you need to clear so as to be able to make transactions and exchange crypto tokens for local currencies or vice versa. This is how you can sell or buy Zcash through your bank account.

In case you wish to be deposit or trade Zcash, you can seek out Tier 1. However, if you wish to withdraw/deposit local or national currencies, you will have to activate Tier 2. You can now go down, update all of your personal information, then click on the "Get Verified" tab. After this step is cleared, go ahead to the 2nd Tier by simply clicking on the "Get Tier 2 Verified" tab. Once done, enter all your personal information again and click on the "Get Verified" tab. In case you wish to increase your transaction limits, what you can do is verify your user account up to the 4th Tier. After this is done, go up, click on the 'funding' tab and choose the 'deposit ZEC' option. Deposit you Zcash money to the address that is displayed. In case of fiat currencies, choose from the provided list. The transaction may not be processed immediately and may take some time. After your fiat currency has arrived, you can buy your Zcash. You can choose your preferred trading pair like ZEC to EUR. The different types of orders on Kraken include:


Choose the one option that you prefer and then enter the sum that you are willing to pay, as well as the amount that you wish to spend. The Zcash that you are looking forward to buy will be automatically calculated. Not sure about the price? Simply go through the order book by clicking on the 'Charts' tab. Once you have laced your order, wait for the confirmation. The processing time will depend on your price and how good it is. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive ZEC in your Kraken wallet. Selling Zcash is the same as buying. You need to create a fresh order, type in the price and amount, and then submit your order. Here, the only thing different is the "Sell" option which you will need to click instead of the "Buy" option while placing an order.

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