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How to Mine Siacoin on a Desktop Computer?

A minor who wishes to mine Siacoin with the help of her/his computer at home must first make it certain that the available equipment of the miner, at home, the desktop computer for Siacoin mining, is capable of making Siacoin mining profitable, for the miner.  

Siacoins can be mined by a miner using her/his desktop computer at home. The miner must first procure a powerful graphics card. Otherwise, the miner will only be able to mine one or two Siacoins in a day with her/his routine desktop computer. A miner can very easily mine up to one hundred Siacoins in a day by using a correct graphics card for doing the mining job nicely. 

The basics for a miner for mining Siacoin with a desktop computer may even begin with using an Acer Aspire XC-105 with an Advanced Micro Device AMD Radeon HD 3300.
The miner has to first open the device manager and find out for herself/himself whether the miner has an NVidia or Advance Micro Device AMD graphics card available to the miner.

The miner may open the device manager by going to the WIN+R keyboard shortcut and then typing in devmgmt.msc in the command box. 

The miner now has to click on the arrowhead downward and bring it next to Display Adaptors for expanding the list and check the miner’s type of graphics card. 

The miner needs to install CUDA if the miner has a Nvidia graphics card. The miner needs to download and install OpenCL if the miner has an Advanced Micro Device or AMD.

- Now, the miner needs to update her/his drivers.

- The miner has to turn off the Anti Virus software on the computer if the computer has any. 

- The miner now needs to download Marlin miner. 

- Now the miner needs to unzip Marlin miner to C:/marlin. 

- The miner now has to open the command box by going to Win+R and type CMD. 

- The miner now has to press Enter. 

- The miner needs to type in C:/marlin/marlin.exe-self-test.

- Every line will mention PASS.

The miner now has to open the Notepad. The Siacoin miner now has to have a Siacoin wallet to store the Siacoins she/he gets in mining. The miner has to download the official desktop wallet for storing Siacoin.
The miner can change the Siacoin wallet address to the miner’s wallet address. The miner needs to save this change of address by going to File>Save and then close the Notepad.

The miner should look out for any security warnings and click Run if there is any. Now the miner can start mining Siacoins with the desktop computer. Once the miner has mined 500 Siacoins, they will be sent to the miner’s wallet. 

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