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How to Mine Monero on Windows?

To mine the Monero you will need the Crypto Night algorithm which is also a Proof of Work algorithm. This algorithm had been designed to make the mining ASIC resistant so that CPUs and GPUs would be most convenient for mining the Monero. This is also perhaps one of the key benefits Monero has over the Bitcoin. So, anyone owning a computer can actually start mining Monero and reap profits and not have to invest in a fortune to buy the super-costly ASICs. The Crypto Night algorithm is memory-intensive and Monero has ring signatures which are designed to protect the privacy of transactions. Compared to the Bitcoin blocks which are mined at 10 minute intervals, Monero blocks are mined at 2 minute intervals.

To mine the Monero, you will need a Monero wallet which refers to a string of letters and numbers which works like the password. After downloading the wallet, you can download the xmr-stak-cpu. The XMR-Stak client has to be configured using the wizard provided after which it can connect to the mining pools to start mining Monero. When connection has been successfully made a message saying that the pool has been logged in is displayed. Monero can be mined not only on Windows 10, but also in the Windows 7 and 8 versions. To start mining the Monero on Windows, you have to first download the GPU video card drivers. You can type in the GPU information to get the results and then click “download” for the existing driver. Similarly, you can download the Nvidia GPU drivers. You can be sure the GPUs are correctly recognized when you visit the Device Manager and do not notice any warning signs.

When you have downloaded the driver you need to download the mining software; it is advisable to read reviews about the software before using it. You must register an account to download the mining software and ensure that you choose the right version for your operating system. When installation is done, you may enter the email address which you used for registering and then choose the option “Start Mining”.

You may need to modify some Windows settings to make it ready for mining. For instance, you will not want the computer to go to sleep mode which will interrupt mining. So, you have to disable the sleep option before mining. You should also disable other Windows updates when mining is being done. It may be useful to run the miner first to check for the tweaks in settings.

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