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How to Calculate Monero Mining Profitability?

Monero mining is rather profitable even though the initial costs to start mining it may be low. Whether you decide to build a mining rig at home or opt for cloud mining services, you can mine the Monero profitably. To see how profitable mining can be, you may use the online profitability calculators. You need to type in the information required by such calculators like pool fees, hash rate, power costs etc to get Monero mining profitability results. So, depending on the mining rig at home or the miner you use, the power consumed by your miner, power costs in terms of kilowatts per hour and contract fees if you use cloud mining services, you can calculate Monero mining profitability.

In a mining profitability calculator, you can get the results based on exchange rates; current mining difficulty levels, and prices of XMR into USD. The calculator will offer you results on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, and even monthly and annual basis. You can know the amount of time you will need to break even and this result will take into consideration your hardware costs and contract fees for cloud mining.

Cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum and Bitcoin run on a transparent blockchain. This ensures that all records of transactions which are stored in the public ledger can be verified by anyone. So, transactions are not anonymous. Monero, however, was introduced to focus on privacy of such transactions. This means that Monero transactions cannot be traced. This cryptocurrency makes use of cryptography to ensure that people receiving or sending transactions are completely kept private and secure. It is able to successfully create completely anonymous transactions. The Monero uses “ring signatures” which work like stealth addresses and these can successfully hide the sender or recipient identity.

Starting Monero mining is also easy compared to that of the other cryptocurrencies simply because it uses an ASIC-resistant algorithm. This is why people may use CPUs and GPUs to mine the Monero successfully. Monero mining profitability can be assessed by using online mining profitability calculators. Besides considering the hash rate and hardware costs the calculators will also take into account the pool fees miners have to pay to join a mining pool. When you mine alone, you can enjoy the whole reward but chances of solving blocks are less. When you mine in a pool by sharing your hash power, your chances of solving blocks are higher. So, your profits are likely to be more when you choose to join a mining pool for mining Monero. The biggest benefit of Monero mining is that you can get started any time with a computer at home. You do not have to invest in specialized mining hardware because the Monero mining algorithm Crypto Night is ASIC-resistant. Since there is no specialized Monero mining hardware, it is beneficial for both miners and potential rewards. This is because maintaining ASICs will entail huge costs as computing powers of ASICs are also superior to both GPUs and CPUs.

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