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How to Buy and Sell Monero?

For the purchase of Monero coin cryptocurrency, first of all, you need to have an account with the cryptocurrency wallet service provider. There is no such direct way by which one can purchase Monero coin cryptocurrency in United States of America as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange which is situated in United States of America the name of which is Coinbase is yet to start selling and buying Monero coin cryptocurrency. However, there are reports of the sort that Coinbase is soon going to start trading of the lesser known cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Ripple. Let's see how long it will take when the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange starts trading Monero coin cryptocurrency. Another method of buying Monero coin cryptocurrency is the method of round-tripping. In the round-tripping method, one has to purchase Bitcoin from the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange which is situated in America and wait for the purchased Bitcoin to let it realize into the wallet. As soon as the purchase of Bitcoins appear into the wallet of the person who has purchased the Bitcoins from the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange he needs to link up his cryptocurrency wallet with the Binance service provider in Austria which is instrumental in exchanging the Bitcoins with Monero cryptocurrency. While on the platform of Binance cryptocurrency exchange the person can see the stipulated prices of Monero cryptocurrency against the Bitcoin. He can make a payment for the purpose of purchasing of Monero from the Binance platform. In this way, he can purchase cryptocurrency Monero using the round ripping method. For people who reside in Europe; they can go for the purchase of Monero cryptocurrency through Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. It is just like any other cryptocurrency exchange which is situated around the world and one can make a direct payment through his debit or credit card for the purpose of purchasing the Monero cryptocurrency. In the same way, if the person wants to sell his purchased Monero cryptocurrency coins over the platform of Kraken then he can do so. Another method of getting Monero coin cryptocurrency is by getting the services of cloud mining service providers. Cloud mining service providers are third party companies over which you outsource the process of cryptocurrency mining. You can also do the mining of Monero cryptocurrency at your home by using application specific integrated circuits. Application specific integrated circuits are special hardware which is used for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining because they have a greater degree of processing power.

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