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How to Mine Litecoin on Windows?

Litecoin is the best alternative cryptocurrency available today for miners. Lite coin mining can be done in two ways on your computer CPU of by GPU. CPU mining has gone obsolete and is not fetching any longer simply because miners are preferring the faster and more efficient GPUs. There are a few requirements that must be applied to mine litecoins on Windows servers.
The first thing that you must do is set up your litecoin wallet that will enable you to send and receive Litecoins. You may download it from the official website Once the wallet is installed, you must get the Litecoin Wallet Address which is where the rewards are sent to.
In case, there is an anti-virus installed on your Windows system, it must be disabled before you install the software. The Litecoin GUI Miner is the best and most widely used software. Download it from If you have not disabled your anti-virus, you may see a message “the file is malicious and chrome has blocked it”.
Next, you must look for a reliable and efficient mining pool. You will find the list of Litecoin mining pools at the Litecoin website. Choose a pool that has a good track record and does not charge you exorbitantly and are prompt in payouts. Create an account with the pool and share your wallet address to enable them to send you the litecoins whenever a coin is mined.
Create a worker in your pool. Mining pools use a system called “workers” which are assigned to you. They will represent the work you are doing. Only one worker will be sufficient though you have the option to add more workers

Now you are ready to mine litecoins on your Windows system.  It is recommended you avoid running any other applications when the mining is going on. It will disturb your mining efficiency and have an impact on your profits. It is also important to monitor your hardware.
You will know your profitability by checking your power bills, infrastructure costs, and compare with the coins you are earning.

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