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How to Calculate Litecoin Mining Profitability?

Litecoin is the most popular bitcoin alternative for mining. With the mounting competition for Litecoin mining. Getting profits will require some hard work and depend a lot on the type of hardware you use. Litecoin mining cannot be profitable without specialized equipment.

CPU based mining is not to be considered at all in today’s environment where speed and efficiency are a critical factor. There is specific ASIC mining equipment built exclusively to mine Scrypt based digital currency. The equipment can be used to mine all the cryptocurrencies that run the Scrypt algorithm. This means users can shift to Litecoin mining with ease when they find their present Scrypt cryptocurrency unprofitable.

The Litecoin mining calculator will tell you the estimated profit margins which are based on the hash rate or hashing power and any pool fees that you must pay.

In case you are using your own rig, you must consider the hardware costs, power consumption, and power costs which may vary based on your location. In case, you are mining on the cloud, input the contract charges of your cloud service provider. Cloud mining does not require any investment in hardware nor its maintenance.

The factors that are involved in the calculation of profitability include

Hashing power:

Hash rate is a measuring unit for the time taken by a computer to complete a transaction. A high hash rate can result in finding the next block faster which in turn can mean getting rewards faster.

High power consumption:

Mining requires continues electricity. The energy consumed will vary based on the efficiency of the infrastructure being used. If the efficiency is high, consumption of power will be low, meaning lower electricity bills and better profits.

The mining efficiency calculation is done by dividing the hashing speed by the power being consumed. The results will differ from one location to another since the power tariffs are not same in all the regions.

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